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Here we come out with our second post and guess what is here this time we have all the various earphone jack accessories for you this time. This latest trend might not have been that famous around the World but for a Start Korea and Japan have imbibed this as a part of their cell phone culture. Cell phone straps and jack accessories have really defined a style statement for all cell phone users here. Although this craze is spreading to United States as well we do expect a lot of further participation from different countries and cultures around the world. These earphone jack accessories not only makes your phone look better but also makes your earphone jacks cleaner and as most of them are made up of plastic material so there would be no electrical discharge problems with your phone. Nowadays with the introduction of new android phones and iPhones the little loop for attaching charms have vanished and hence making earphone jack accessories a lot more famous.


One of the disadvantages to these plugs are that they have to be taken out every time you use headphones in it. But guess what Strapya World has also found out a solution to the problem as well we also have a Plug Apli catcher which can hold in your earphone jack accessory as well as your headphones together. We have a huge range of such earphone jack accessories on our website for easy access you can have a look here.


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