Squishies as the word itself suggests something exquisite and spongy,it  creates a kind of revelry towards any age group owning one, but when you witness Japan you will come to know that people here live with these as a daily luxury, and why not they can be so much eye soothing and kawaii that you might not be able to resist them. Squishies are still very hard to find and one may get easily infatuated with these. Guess what Strapya World will come to your rescue this time, now forget all the vending machines and typical sites you have to search for all the time. Strapya World will be the only place you would like to buy from we have the most authenticated Japanese Squishies you would love to have. With the support of our fans we are planning to grow more with having a few more of the squishy products and making our customers actually get what they always wanted to get. Squishies are termed to be the De-Stressers and can act as a allevation you might be discerning.

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