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Chocolate cake and OnagiHave you ever tried Japanese food? Well if you have you will know what kind of dummy foods are displayed outside of many restaurants, yes you are thinking the right way. Well why not mold those cases to perfection and make it for use in our day to day life. Yes ! Strapya World is back with iMeshi cases after heavy demands from our beloved customers. iPhone 4 iMeshi Cases were a huge success and was accepted for being up-to the mark and designed with perfection.


Here again they are specially made from Japan these cases will attract anyone anywhere you take it. Well if anyone of you have tasted these you will feel hungry whenever you have a close look on them. Just be careful not to eat your phone by mistake! If you go technically into what iMeshi is, ‘Meshi’ in japanese means a meal hence all these cases represent traditional Japanese meals which are put to design with some perfectionists to make them special. Strapya World brings you today with Nikujaga, Unagi, Sea Urchins,Salmon Roe, Toro and Shrimp iMeshi cases.


Yes these cases look pretty awesome and are designed to look exactly the real and what we see everyday in Japan here. Hurry up all these cases are very limited in stocks. We also have some old cases on our website too which are also iMeshi iPhone 5 cases. Below the cases are Bacon,Tonkatsu,Yakisoba and Hinomaru Bento.

Sunny side up and bacon.

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