Strapya World is back with the Retro Flashback Cases and this time it’s for the iPhone 5 users, these cases had left their memorable footprints when they were released for iPhone 4S/4  and had gained a lot of popularity and craving amongst our customers. These cases remind us of all the good old gadgets we used some time ago. These cases make your iPhone look very close as a dummy of the previous gadgets we owned and give your iPhone the same exact look. Now make your friends confused about what type of gadget you are actually using that time. These cases have made me remind my childhood days we things we not that advanced and I had used every single type of case as a gadget at some point of time. We have Controller and Pill Case, Controller White Case, Hard Disk Drive Case, Portable Video Game Case and a Retro Phone case.


All these cases are Plastic cases so it is super-light and will have lesser scratches compared to other cases. I cannot stop my fingers pressing the video game button it makes me feel great. Check out these cases only on Strapya World