couplesnapcontest482Strapya World has made a special contest for this year’s Valentine’s and we are very much excited and delighted by the response we have received from the couples. This year Strapya World has introduced the ‘Cutest Couple’s pic contest’ where each couple will share their romantic picture on our Facebook Fan Page and each one will get a 15 % Flat discount on any purchase from Strapya World. However discount is just a secondary aspect for the contest we all want to know how you people out there have been thinking of love and the significance of Valentine ’s Day in your life. It’s just the first day and we have pretty much crossed 35 entries of couples sharing their pictures with us. Their love for each other is just limitless. They all are a role model for those who may want to make their relationship better. We are expecting a lot of pictures this Valentine and we will let everyone vote for the best one. Victory and defeat are two rails for the same train. This event is can no way to judge the intensity or the way you love each other but rather just to share some great stories we might have never heard of. In our eyes each couple is special and has a different quoting for their life. Strapya World appreciates each one of them and thanks each shares on their Facebook Fan Page. We all have best wishes for everyone and we hope each Valentine’s brings out new ray of brightness to your relation.


Not to forget the picture which gets the maximum likes will win this contest. Don’t forget to invite your friends and families to support you with this event. The steps to share it with us are really simple .

1.) Like/Join our Facebook fan page

2.) On the left hand top corner there will be an option for Photo/Video.

3.) Click on the option and add the picture you want to share with us.

4.) We will share your picture on our wall as soon as we receive it from you.

5.) We will have it open for receiving maximum likes from our fans. You can also invite your friends to like your picture to get more likes.

6.) We will monitor each of them and the winner(Having maximum likes on their pic) will be declared on the 14th February. The winning couple will receive a free 5000 JPY coupon voucher from our side as a token of love. We wish good luck to each entry.

For posting your pictures on our website visit here.

How do you think about this cute couple straight from Strapya World this Valentine. We just love them, hope you all like them too