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We all were addicted to this game irrespective of our age and location. We all have been playing this so called Mario aka Mario Bros. and its various forms that were once every teenager’s preference. Even I used to spend a serious part of my day fiddling out with this game with the mission of saving the princess. This game became so popular that various versions of this were out in a very short time. Strapya World had a lot of Mario products in the past but it is the first time we have tried hands to the iPhone 5 covers here.


So what does the Super Mario brothers have in them. These cases are polycarbonate cases which have really a good grip plus these are scratch proof and dust proof and portray the same to same printed graphics as if it’s taken directly for the game itself. We have received a very good response at the moment but we imagine it to be the next big thing in the next upcoming months on our store. I seriously recommend you to have at least a tray for this product as they may not return back once they are gone from the store.


With respect to quality and looks Strapya World always assures it customers to provide best of the best products so that they never face any kind of problems or second thoughts after they buy from us. You can get these Super Mario Cases only for 1890 JPY. In case of big purchases we will try to make it bigger by giving you special rebates. In case you want to have them in bulk please do write me to pratik@strapya.com

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