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Rilakkuma will soon be having her birthday and he will be celebrating it with a grand party for you all to be a part off. For his birthday’s special celebrations San-X has brought out some cool birthday delectable rements which can be exclusively found out on Strapya World very soon.


As for the quality Strapya World has always been proving itself to be at the top. We have made special arrangements to make you all get this awesome experience very soon. Here we introduce 8 exclusive special kind of rements you would love to have.

1.)   Lemon Cake

The delicious lemon cake has Rilakumma and Kiritori sitting with a candle of the shape 10 on it. Believe me it looks really awesome and has the original touch in it. Will look perfect on your desk to show off.


2.)   Chocolate Dome Cake

The chocolate Dome cake looks like a waffered chocolate covered cake with Korilakkuma and Kiritori on the top. The chocolate covering makes it look really delicious and real to just grab it and stuff it out.


3.)   Charlotte Cake

Have you ever tried the charlotte cake before if yes then you will know how kawai this particular re-ment looks. The strawberry colour will mesmerize any female Rilakkuma lovers out there.


4.)   Strawberry Puree Cake

I personally love Puree a lot and I am sure that you will also be attracted towards this piece of delicacy when you look down here. Just forget the calorie counts for a moment this rement is indeed Mamamiyaa!!


5.)   Bush de Noel

Well a French name for the cake similar to looking Swiss roll. Well I am totally wrong in this aspect so please forgive me! This cake is a special cake of Christmas in France and for taste it is known to be the one of the most like cakes in France.


6.)   Heart-shaped Cream Cake

So how many of you all like licking away the cream of the cake often. Not to be ashamed of something like this everybody does this and really like doing this. This cute heart shaped cake is just for you. Rilakkuma is waiting for you here.


7.)   Melted Honey Cake

Well this cake looks really realistic and you can see the delicious honey dripping off the cake well I can smelly honey here !


8.)   Chocolate Cake de Paris

Well Rilakkuma loves Paris a lot and she always wanted the famous sign of Paris on her cake. I am sure chocolate is one of the most loved flavors in the world and to add to that the coating is done with delicious cream. Well I have broken one of these this morning.


Well if you are searching for a link to the product page you might have to wait for some time. We will be putting up limited stocks very soon but in case you want to know the dates and pre-booking criteria please write us to world@strapya.com and we can help you out. Also our dear Rilakkuma fans if you need the whole set we can get that for you too. All you need is to let us know how jolted and mad you are about this new rement.