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Although you might be probably thinking that working for long hours has made me go crazy and blabber such stupid things over the blog. But to be honest I too was unaware until our dear ‘Product Team’ left this on my desk.


Yes this cute fluffy case can make any one go addictive to even buy an iPhone 5 for this case. This cool new Disney case is really one of a kind why I say this because the material is an alloy of two elements that will be both attractive as well a protective. Mixing the ingredients with Polycarbonate and Soft Boa makes it really an exclusive one.

The finishing touch to this case is what mesmerizes me. Yes! I am talking about the stitching and plus the looks. Due to this material both Mickey and Minnie look really cute and fluffy. Minnie’s bow looks like a satin material which is really soft.


As you slide in your iPhone for this perfect size you can see it grow more and become fluffier and attractive for you. It seems to be having turned into a soft toy. Strapya World will be finally getting this case up very soon. Also you need to keep in mind that the stocks are really limited and we will be getting up with first come first serve basis.


You can close your eyes and trust this product. For those who don’t have an iPhone yet please get one soon.


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