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ImageIron Man 3 has been the most talked about movie in this summer so Strapya World Will be celebrating this with its cool new unique edition of an Iron Man iPhone 5 Case just for you all.

Yes speaking about design and muscularity all mimic the true influence of being a real Iron man indeed you can own an Iron Man now. This Iron Man Case has the cool Arc Reactor replica on the center of its body and it lights up with flashes every time you receive an email  or a message making the Iron Man in the iPhone come alive.

Now elaborating the body of the case it is not at all heavy and bumpy making it like a stone to shoot on others. Rather having a real light weight material it will be really easy to get along with the grip and flexibility of the case. Don’t think even that Iron Man can be destroyed so soon. The material is really durable like his Armor Suit that can sustain any attavcks except those crazy atom bombs (Just Joking). You will never experience a damaged case if in case it falls down from your hands.

The best thing to take note of is that Marvels has only manufactured 3000 units worldwide and Strapya-World will be only selling 50 this time. With an awesome deal get this sovenieur with some exclusive damage marks. Get ready to be damaged and destroyed and  yet walking tall. Get this case here