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Yes you got a pet now ! Get ready to feed him everyday as this naughty pet will always have a reason to leave the house and run outside all the time. The case one of the exclusive looking cases look like a pet is running away from the door.


The ‘Door’ itself is the iPhone 5 case while the running away pet will make it a more glamorous and fascinating for its looks on it. The running pet can be used as a Smartphone stand to woo Bingo !! you can watch your favorite  videos conveniently on your iPhone. To add to that the back part of the pet is collect-able and is a cute strap for you. So in no way will the pet be able to leave the house without your permission. Strapya-World will soon be getting this up just for our fans. We have two dogs and two cats as pets on this case. I am pretty sure you will like this new creation from ours. Stay tuned with our facebook page for more details . Please don’t forget to subscribe the blog for more latest news and updates.