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Presenting the Totoro Special Music Box range with some really cute Music Boxes with different notes on each one of them.  Some of them look really close to a natural scene and will make you remember the good old movie days of the Totoro. 


You can witness all kinds of sizes for those who can’t just afford the big ones for the meanwhile can hear the same tune with a smaller music box. Joining Totoro is Kiki and Ponyo with some cute and small music boxes . This special series have been specially made in request to the Studio Ghibli. I am pretty sure all the totoro fans out there must have been waiting for this for a long time and your requests have been take into consideration and we present an exclusive demanded series for you. Add charm to your work table, shelf or even your dinning table with these sweet music machines. Spread the Love with us. 



Please let us know what is your opinion about these Totoro Music boxes and which one do you like the most. Our fans suggestions are always welcomed. Each product has a video for you to review. You can check the whole series here