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We won’t be surprised to sell over a 1000 pieces by the end of this week. Yes ! you are right we bring you this super famous squishy at a very affordable price. Plus the trust and love of our customers has made us bring you a product made on the demand of our fans itself. Yes this product is really rare and hard to find.


With this product you will have the Dorayaki magic with three different types of Kumamon expressions. This Dorayaki will pop out when you press it. If it makes a bubble pop sound don’t worry it is just to induce you to have it. But make sure in no case you consume it in desperation.

The best part if you order more than 50 pieces we will give you a free traceable EMS fast shipping option. So you will have dual benefits with the deal. Yes ! This product being limited will not come in back once we are sold out so its a good time to spend your pennies before they are out of stock.


Put in your bags,Purse or even on your cellphone all you need is to just start popping when you are tensed and need some relaxation. Stay tuned with our blog as more Squishies will be on the line lately with some awesome products. So don’t wait get in here