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Feel lucky? Get in on the traditional Japanese ‘Lucky Bag’ fun! Fall time means the purchase time of special FUKUBUKURO LUCKY BAGS. Not familiar? Pull up a Squishy, have a seat and let me enlighten you: a lucky bag is a no-peek bag filled with mystery gifts in Japan. The possibilities are endless … unless, of course, you happen to be Charlie Brown, then you probably will get a rock. But Noooo… not here. Strapya World’s FUKUBUKURO LUCKY BAG is filled with 18 cool and mystery products. Only ¥2,100 (and believe me – the price fails to compare with sheer fun and cool items inside). Still on the edge? How lucky can you get! – Free Shipping on each order. I ‘bag’ you to find a better deal ANYWHERE ~☆

Signing out, Pratik


NOTE: As depicted above, Lucky Bags are famous and a seasonal rage. I am adding this ‘tag post’ to the above as, since two hours ago, 12 units (bags) have sold. These are available in both a fixed number and for a fixed time. Your Lucky bag awaits you here.