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Micky, Minnie, Whinny the Pooh … Bat this and Bat that and whOOoo: Monsters! Oh my!

We are ready for the much anticipated release of the Apple iPhone 5 phone series. Here at Strapya World, we have our eyes glued to numerous mediums to know exactly when the big launch will occur. The iPhone will come in two versons, one being the iPhone 5C – a colorful, cousin of the more costly iPhone 5S. Strapya World anticipates the lower 5C cost will create a demand for dreamy-to-scary phone cases!

Below is a quick depiction of more than 200 cases we have ready in advance of the Apple release.

‘Going for that iPhone 5S? We got you ‘covered’ (pun intended). 5S cases to be posted soon. Stay tuned!

1) Disney Characters iPhone 5C 


2) Super Heroes iPhone 5C Case


3) Switch Easy iPhone 5C cases


You can get a peek at the whole range of cases here: http://www.strapya-world.com/categories/iPhone-5C/6034_6735_8419.html

For iPhone 5S? Here’s the link: http://www.strapya-world.com/categories/iPhone-5S/6034_6735_8421.html

You’ll find a ‘like’ in the vast variety, I am sure … and forgive me. I got to run. ‘Need to prepare further photos; check status; keep you happy.

By the way, share the above shots and info with your shoulder surfing friends – laughs. This time, we have enough for them as well as you too! (Share Button can be found further down the page.)