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Greetings and happy Wednesday from myself and everyone at Strapya World.

Apologies for a week lapse in updates, but the wait is worth a surprise: Squishies, Squishies and more Squishies coming right at you. In fact we are stocked with 45 of the latest NIC Squishy products, straight from the NIC manufacturers!

The news should satisfy those of you who for the last few weeks posted and mailed in inquiries galore. Advise? Act quick. As the norm dictates, Squishies come and Squishies go. Go to whom? Why, to your friends of course! Like in the past, they shoulder surf your Squishy quest and ‘poof‘ orders are placed, and you are left scratching your head in amazement as to how, who, and why new stock suddenly is ‘no more’.

The current batch contain a variety of Squishies from Rilakkuma to the Hello Kitty line. A team-up of San-x and Sanrio.

Now, as this new batch/line has just arrived, it will take a small bit of time to get the links up (we have a team of experts on this), so apologies for this slight delay – but ‘ooo-ga, ooo-ga’ are they worth waiting for.

Product links are about to be uploaded and a click away from purchase ability. Check back here frequently for my notice of posted links. Sure, you can check status on the Facebook page, but here is the where first posts are available, giving you the upper hand.

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The below photos are just a teaser (or maybe a taste – as they look delectable) of the 45 new products!






Available on a pre-order basis. NIC will manufacture limited units and and delivery is expected at the beginning of November. Please order and books your units as soon as possible.

As for now these will be released by the end of September on a Pre-order basis. Please stay tuned to our blog for more updates. 


Signing off- Pratik