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6:00 a.m.? Let’s go! I live to type!   m^.^m

(PRATIK READING COMMENTS)… OK… hmm… eh?? Wow. I had hoped some excitement would have been generated from yesterday’s post regarding the new NIC Squishy arrivals, but I never imagined this level of buzz the news would create. What I am seeing here on my screen this morning is pretty impressive – some tasteful comments and requests for pre-orders. Very cool, thanks! But hang on just a little. The date for taking pre-orders will be set after Strapya World receives confirmation on projected stock availability from the manufacturer. We have first dibs before anyone else, so we’ll get your’s before any other company. Just to be on the safe side, I would anticipate pre-order taking on or after the 30th of this month. I’ll pass on information as it becomes available.

Perhaps to help pressure the manufacturer to speed things up, I’ll take a sample from current and future comments – ones that let us know more specifically which NIC Squishy, especially from the photos below, has the greatest allure for the most of you. Make your vote count and do share it with your friends. The item choice with the highest vote count will be ‘pushed for’ and up on the Strapya World website … available for purchase in no time. ⌒☆

New squishies


As you can see, my desk is full of Squshies – in fact several are even … scented? Even I wasn’t told that!

Too, you really have to get one of these in your hands – contrary to the photo, each is super-soft (that’s why they call them ‘Squishies’). And there is such a variety: Japanese-culture representation ones, ones that are like a cross between a micro-donut and a popular cereal brand… and perhaps one or two that, well, it is probably best to leave those to your imagination~

If one or more catches your eye, drop me a note in the comment section. I can probably get an up-close photo if there is a Squishy that you have a keen interest in checking out.

Signing off – Pratik Nayek