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Hi. It’s me. I’m back!

I know, I know, this is my second post for today. I’ll try to contain myself, but WOW! Headquarters just sent word that (and I quote), “the very best and nostalgic Hello Kitty Star Sign straps/charms are … BACK IN STOCK!”

I’ll let you in on a little trade secret: Behind the scenes Strapya World had quietly been trying to keep up with demands; stocking and re-stocking … and stocking some more, when suddenly ‘poof!’ Pisces and Aquarius Kitties vanished – sold out.

Now I know what some of you might be thinking, and yes normally it is said that ‘a cat has 9 lives‘. But not this cat. Hello Kitty has 12, with twelve signs to prove it (that is, until the Aquarius and Pisces debacle). But that was probably just due to the antique effect. Simply put, these charms are really special in Japan and are quite rare. And now, all 12 signs are available upon your request and ready to order! Just take a look at the sample pics below:







Visit our website. Make Hello Kitty your Lucky Charm; grab them up … before they sell out … again!