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Konnichiwa Minasan (Hello everyone!) ..。o○♬♪♩♬○o。

First, I would just like to convey my hopes that our re-brand naming and related layout has been an easy transition for you. Everything cool? You’ve probably noticed as well, that product categories have been re-arranged to allow for a simpler, more intuitive means of search and purchasing. We’ll keep at it with your comfortability and desires in mind. Leave feedback if you have any difficulties and I’ll be glad to post a reply to help you find your way around.

OK, next. As promised, we are nearly back up to speed in our ability to supply you with those rare NIC Squishies you’ve been requesting and are now in our store’s stock. A few NICs are unfortunately delayed, so do check back, or better, subscribe to the Strapya World blog for timely notice(s) and latest updates. Thanks for your patience!


But lets get right into the list of rare Squishies – ready?

1)    Sanrio Hello Kitty Ribbon Macaroon Squishy

With 3 eye-candy colors to choose from, these are going to roll in and out the door about as fast as you can say the name, “Sanrio Hello Kitty Ribbon Macaroon Squishy“! Our stock and supply from NIC is limited, so assure yourself in getting your hands on as many as your heart desires …  advisably at your earliest opportunity before ‘poof! their gone!’

Hello Kitty squishy

2)    Sanrio Hello Kitty Face Shaped Waffle Squishy

4 flavors! Count them, 4 flav- … (wait, incoming message from Strapya headquarters) … uh, sorry folks. The last of one of the flavors has just sold out.* Let me try this again: 3! Three flavors! Count them, 3 fabulous delectable-delicious-mouthwatering flavors!

* These tend to fly off the shelves within hours of first being uploaded  – sigh.

 Hello Kitty waffle squishy

3)    Sanrio Hello Kitty Double Ice Cream Ball Chain (Berry Berry topped Mint Chip)

Here’s the scoop: A double D-Licious scoop cone! (No refrigeration necessary.)

 NIC rare squishy

4)    Sanrio Hello Kitty Face Shaped Cake Ball Chain Squishy

They look like pastries, but wait a minute … pastries shaped like a ‘Hello Kitty’?! or ‘Hello Kitties’ shaped like pastries??!

However you look at it, 3 delicious flavors are just a shop-and-checkout away.

 Hello kitty squishy

To ensure your order’s availability, please check out once your shopping cart is added to. Items in the shopping cart, alone, does not guarantee an inventory reserve for the selected product. The above are fast moving items. Demand is high. Things disappear. To keep updated on stocking and re-stocking, check back frequently – and why not give us and your favorites a ‘like’ click? ‘Like’ clicks are also an indicator to Strapya World as to what items are ‘trending’, thus the more attention we take to try our best to ensure an item remains in stock.

NOTE to our veteran subscribers: please re-subscribe to this updated link to maintain access to updates – thank you.

All the Squishies

Signing Off-

Pratik Nayek ⌒☆