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Happy Monday, and Welcome back!

Warm thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s events. We at Strapya World were really moved to see such an enthusiastic response. As promised, we have yet again newly restocked and added even more Squishies. ‘Would love to get them into your hands. Oh, your hands are too small to keep up with so much variety? Well, grab a cart and let’s go!

First, you’ve got to take a gander at the following (sorry, ‘Gander‘ Squishies are not yet available 🙂 )

1) Sanrio Hello Kitty Double Ice Cream Ball Chain (Colorful Strawberry topped Chocolate)

This double dipper is the latest offering now in our Flavor Line (without the drips)!


2) Next up? The San-X Rilakkuma Dorayaki Sweets Squishy Ball Chain 

Big name, yet scoop up one of these delicious-pancake style Rilakkuma Squishies. It’s not often you see these around, but with requests picking up, we now got ’em in stock. The rarity adds to the eye-catching charm. Be among the first to get yours with your next purchase.


3) Sanrio My Melody Soft Bread Squishy Mascot Ball Chain 

A lovable collection of some delicious face-shape, buns-style Squishies – Irresistable!   WARNING: contains adorable ‘fresh from the bakery’ allure. Grab them! Hold them (they’re cool enough). However, curb that enthusiasm … Dunking in milk for a late night snack is not advisable.


4) Sanrio Hello Kitty Double Ice Cream Ball Chain (Strawberry and Vanilla topped Strawberry)

Is the bow-on-the-top not a giveaway? This HELLO KITTY cone flavor-combo embellishes any phone and color-coordinates with any apparel, making you the envy of friends, family, and… well… me, of course! I want one too! (My birthday date, contact information, etc., can be found at the end of this blog :)


And there you have a taste of some of our newest selections. These are limited stock items for now – that is, until we see how they do… and you know what that means: leave feedback, comments, even more comments, and, of course, your recommendations! May I take your order please?  (✿◡‿◡ฺ)