Ohayou gozaimasu,

We hope our fans had a great Christmas with some favorite gifts you had desired. Sadly here in Odawara, Christmas is celebrated just as a Gift Exchange Ceremony with some lightning and Christmas trees all around and above all no holiday L

Jealous! Anyways I will be happy to have a very cute series of products for you. Yes

These are some Trunk Style Books for your Smartphone. We also have them for iPhone 5/5s/5c as well. These cases are EXCLUSIVE to our store and indeed have Disney license with them, actually we are proud to join Disney for these kind of products.


This Trunk style pouch can accommodate all kinds of Utilities and Stuffs which you need to carry in your day to day life. Also you can fit in a smartphone as big as Samsung Galaxy in these pouches. These are a special series launched in the event of New Years’ and will be removed once over. So here you have an awesome opportunity for these kind of pouches to have for yourself. The belt is pretty long and can be easily adjusted. It will just add charm to your dangle.


Here from I wish you happy holidays and will be back soon to make some more updates to you. Till them please don’t forget to share and subscribe us. Thank you.

For the iPhone Collection