It’s been long since I wrote a blog for our most waited blog readers and people who stay tuned to our site for some really kawaii and crazy items.

Its been a hard time this season specially for guys in the US where this chilling cold has made life really difficult. It is pretty cold in this part of the world as well but may be not as much as some of those guys are facing now.

As it is new years already kids will have their exams soon and move to a higher grade as well. Also as Spring might be here anytime soon hence I would take the pleasure to have you introduce some picnic items for you. From Lunch boxes to chopsticks we have them all. All you need is just a click away.

1.) These are super cute Sanrio Picnic stuffs. Click on the pic to access them on Hamee. The whole set is a perfect match for your picnic requirements.



2.) Second are just the whole Studio Ghibli characters and their love for you. These are of a different design all together and the fans will surely like to have them.



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