Yes ! This product being picked up by top blogs and have been really famous in Hamee store. Giant isopods (daiogusokumushi in Japanese) are passionately loved by some people now in Japan. They found the creatures mysterious and cute. A giant isopod in Toba Aquarium has eaten no food for over 4 years. This giant isopod doll is close to the real ones in shape. The doll has cute round eyes and is very soft and comfortable to the touch.


This is life-sized pillow of a giant isopod. A deep-sea dweller, the insect-looking giant isopod can grow between 7.5 and 14 inches long. One aquarium in Japan decided they’d sell a cool plush toy. Turns out, that was a good idea.


Hamee has  launched a life-sized giant isopod plush toy earlier this month for the 6,340 yen (approximately US$62). Within hours, the entire stock of 470 plush toys was sold out.

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