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We all have witnessed the Dinosaur age and the age of monsters but what if you got a chance to have them as pet in your house. Yes you can be their bearers as you can make them grow from eggs. Not to forget they all have been real famous in their own historic times and have been in the books of history at some point of time.


Presenting a rare collection of 6 monsters from various parts of the world they all have been really talked and spoken often in news and blogs. These monsters have been rarely spotted but have been mentioned in the mythological books and have a true existence in our histories. Hamee will do their best to make you have one. The 6 kinds come from various parts of the world

– Chupachabra from Central and South America

– The Loch Ness Monster from Scotland

– Kraken from Greenland
– Yeti from Nepal, Bhutan,China, India, Mongolia, Russia

Mongolian death worm from the Gobi Desert

– Tsuchinoko from North Japan


Have you heard any from the above. Do share us your views if not its a good time to scroll over wikipedia and don’t forget to have them in your living room as well. They have been made in very limited stocks and has been already discontinued for future availability. Please get the stocks on our site now as soon as you can because they might not be back anytime.

You can easy make them grow just put the real looking egg in 300 ml of water and leave it for 24- 48 hours, the little monster will soon unleash out of the egg and then starts your story to make him grow. Just peel off the egg and keep the monster in water for 498 hours these will grow up to 600% of their actual size…Thats huge !

If you have spotted the above monsters or have a story or a video to share we will share it on our page. You can get them here UMA monsters