Samsung Galaxy S5- Welcome Note

The Samsung Galaxy S5 can be defined by one word: evolution.

The camera has evolved to give clearer, faster snaps. The fitness-tracking abilities of the S5 are enhanced over the Galaxy S4 by packing in a more powerful S Health app and a dedicated heart rate monitor on the rear. A fingerprint scanner adds to the most secure Galaxy phone ever made. The battery is larger, the screen bigger and brighter, the processor quicker and the design altered. The spec sheet certainly doesn’t let it down: a 2.5GHz quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, a 2800mAh (removable) battery, 16 / 32GB of memory (with up to 128GB extra through microSD), one of the world’s most vibrant screens that’s been extended to 5.1-inches and added biometrics.


Hamee has a series of exclusive Samsung Galaxy S5 cases just for you. All the cases have been made available to you on the same day as the release date. These cases have been designed with perfection and give out the professional and simple look out of them. Get these exclusive cases today !




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Giant Isopod Making Some Giant Luck !

Yes ! This product being picked up by top blogs and have been really famous in Hamee store. Giant isopods (daiogusokumushi in Japanese) are passionately loved by some people now in Japan. They found the creatures mysterious and cute. A giant isopod in Toba Aquarium has eaten no food for over 4 years. This giant isopod doll is close to the real ones in shape. The doll has cute round eyes and is very soft and comfortable to the touch.


This is life-sized pillow of a giant isopod. A deep-sea dweller, the insect-looking giant isopod can grow between 7.5 and 14 inches long. One aquarium in Japan decided they’d sell a cool plush toy. Turns out, that was a good idea.


Hamee has  launched a life-sized giant isopod plush toy earlier this month for the 6,340 yen (approximately US$62). Within hours, the entire stock of 470 plush toys was sold out.

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Squishy Power of Japan!


We all love the one category in our website yes the squishy category. This category has a variety of products that cannot be found easily on the internet. The squishies which we get are very limited in stocks and are 100% licensed. Hamee has never sold any fake products in the past nor will it do in the future.


Here we present you the local power of Japan, as Japan is divided into various prefectures we are able to have many varities of characters and their squishy forms with us. Each character come from the prefectures in Japan and are really famous on the particular locations. This makes Hamee an ultimate squishy champion and the best squishies store online. The whole range of squishies are available here .

Get Ready to be a Samurai !


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Konnichiwa Dear Hamee warriors,

It has been some time since we have been updating you with our posts and uncommon stuffs due to our busy season recently. We present to you one of the most demanded products in the post in a new avatar. We hope you remember the cute Niconico Earphone Accessories. They have been even cuter now with some Samurai action they have started imbibing with.

We have 5 super warriors for you that you would be definitely interested in.

1.) Presenting Niconico Nekomura Cat Earphone Jack Plug Accessory Samurai Edition (Naoe Kanetsugu). The name is as difficult as to defeat the warrior. The top of this warrior represents 愛 which means love and shows a compassionate warrior. Interesting right ?


2.) We have the Niconico Nekomura Cat Earphone Jack Plug Accessory Samurai Edition (Oda Nobunaga) it has an o-sake bottle behind its back better know as the drunken master !
Niconico earphone jacks

3.) We have the Niconico Nekomura Cat Earphone Jack Plug Accessory Samurai Edition (Sanada Yukimura) edition for you,  a Kabuto warrior is well protected against all attacks and can get you empowered with its super strong helmet.

Niconico Earphone

Niconico Earphone

4.) This one is really special the Niconico Nekomura Cat Earphone Jack Plug Accessory Samurai Edition (Takeda Shingen) wearing a special yak’s fur which represent traditional warrior wear style exclusively dedicated to the Japanese style warriors.


5.) This deserves to be at the end as this is my personal favorite the Niconico Nekomura Cat Earphone Jack Plug Accessory Samurai Edition (Date Masamune) has a half moon on the top of his cap. This super warrior is better know as the One-Eyed Dragon. It has a sabre as its weapon, I am pretty sure you all will agree to me as well. 


Niconico Samurai

Niconico Samurai


These Samurai’s are a special product types and edition on Hamee and can be easily bought by visiting the links here They are limited in stocks hence you would need to very quick on your purchase decision. Don’t miss an awesome chance to own one kof the exclusive samurai’s from our store.

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Its Picnic Time for Sanrio and Studio Ghibli Fans.


It’s been long since I wrote a blog for our most waited blog readers and people who stay tuned to our site for some really kawaii and crazy items.

Its been a hard time this season specially for guys in the US where this chilling cold has made life really difficult. It is pretty cold in this part of the world as well but may be not as much as some of those guys are facing now.

As it is new years already kids will have their exams soon and move to a higher grade as well. Also as Spring might be here anytime soon hence I would take the pleasure to have you introduce some picnic items for you. From Lunch boxes to chopsticks we have them all. All you need is just a click away.

1.) These are super cute Sanrio Picnic stuffs. Click on the pic to access them on Hamee. The whole set is a perfect match for your picnic requirements.



2.) Second are just the whole Studio Ghibli characters and their love for you. These are of a different design all together and the fans will surely like to have them.



If you haven’t checked out our Facebook page we have some special limited edition offers going at the moment with some discount coupons. We will soon have some for here too. Stay tuned and please don’t for get to subscribe.

Trunk Style Pouches are Making a Mark in the Virtual Store

Ohayou gozaimasu,

We hope our fans had a great Christmas with some favorite gifts you had desired. Sadly here in Odawara, Christmas is celebrated just as a Gift Exchange Ceremony with some lightning and Christmas trees all around and above all no holiday L

Jealous! Anyways I will be happy to have a very cute series of products for you. Yes

These are some Trunk Style Books for your Smartphone. We also have them for iPhone 5/5s/5c as well. These cases are EXCLUSIVE to our store and indeed have Disney license with them, actually we are proud to join Disney for these kind of products.


This Trunk style pouch can accommodate all kinds of Utilities and Stuffs which you need to carry in your day to day life. Also you can fit in a smartphone as big as Samsung Galaxy in these pouches. These are a special series launched in the event of New Years’ and will be removed once over. So here you have an awesome opportunity for these kind of pouches to have for yourself. The belt is pretty long and can be easily adjusted. It will just add charm to your dangle.


Here from I wish you happy holidays and will be back soon to make some more updates to you. Till them please don’t forget to share and subscribe us. Thank you.

For the iPhone Collection

Sanrio Little Twin Stars Dolls Are Getting Pretty Famous in Hamee Now

Good evening,

My blog writings are getting pretty much with Plush Dolls these days. I dream of being Rilakkuma these days and waking in a Japanese Anime movie. Anyways apart from my crazy dreams I have something to bring in for you again. These are some cute plushies down the line and they will be available for sales today.

We have two kinds of Unicorn Plush Dolls for you. Please don’t mistake these with the previous ones as these cannot be used as pouches these are solely made for cudling purposes.

1.) Sanrio Little Twin Stars Cotton Candy Unicorn Plush Doll (Blue)

This one is so cute that I saw some one from the company buying today without and discount. Yes you just can’t resist these

Little twin stars


2.) Sanrio Little Twin Stars Cotton Candy Unicorn Plush Doll (Pink)

This one is tailor made for ladies. No comments need just so pinky and cutie is this.

Little twin stars (pink)


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Packed Cuteness Unpacked on Strapya-World- Love San-X


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Hello Fans,

Did you think Strapya World just finished its Christmas lovely goodies ? Well here is a surprise for all the best of Plush dolls yet to come. I will let you know the ones which are in  limelight this week. You all must have bought a Rilakkuma or Korilakkuma Plush doll if you were a real San-X ‘FAN’. Well what if I can say that you can add charm to your plushies with some really cool Christmas clothes for this end of the season. Yes we have two kinds of cute wears for your Plush Dolls.

The below is the Honey Bee dress. Yeah! It makes me smile every time I imagine Rilakkuma in a cute Honey bee dress, A Fancy dress winner? I think for sure. Looks like a Honey bee is walking in snow this winter. What! Strange logic! Yet but this will surely win your heart



This one is a cute hip hopping squirrely dress just too cute to climb in your doors and bring some backyard presents for you. This one is really cute because it is pink. Any doubts ?



If you really feel you have the urge to be a diehard fan of our San-x products you should definitely grab these winter special offer. Please not they will not come back in stock after December.

Special Christmas Edition Plush Dolls


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Good Evening Hamee Fans,

It is pleasure for me to have a chance to let you have some really cute Plushies this Christmas. They are indeed really cute and some fluffy addiction installed in them. This is the perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas. Unfortunately we won’t be having many units for sale and they will be available for a very short time. They are authentic Sanrio Little Twin Stars Plush Dolls.


Put them off in your bags, Store them in your room. Just a material to be showed off in any possible way. We wish this wins glamour and charm for those lovely ladies who shop on our site. Stay tuned we will have more coming up soon.


You can buy them here 

Hamee’s New Squishy Collection !


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Happy Monday, and Welcome back!

Warm thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s events. We at Strapya World were really moved to see such an enthusiastic response. As promised, we have yet again newly restocked and added even more Squishies. ‘Would love to get them into your hands. Oh, your hands are too small to keep up with so much variety? Well, grab a cart and let’s go!

First, you’ve got to take a gander at the following (sorry, ‘Gander‘ Squishies are not yet available 🙂 )

1) Sanrio Hello Kitty Double Ice Cream Ball Chain (Colorful Strawberry topped Chocolate)

This double dipper is the latest offering now in our Flavor Line (without the drips)!


2) Next up? The San-X Rilakkuma Dorayaki Sweets Squishy Ball Chain 

Big name, yet scoop up one of these delicious-pancake style Rilakkuma Squishies. It’s not often you see these around, but with requests picking up, we now got ’em in stock. The rarity adds to the eye-catching charm. Be among the first to get yours with your next purchase.


3) Sanrio My Melody Soft Bread Squishy Mascot Ball Chain 

A lovable collection of some delicious face-shape, buns-style Squishies – Irresistable!   WARNING: contains adorable ‘fresh from the bakery’ allure. Grab them! Hold them (they’re cool enough). However, curb that enthusiasm … Dunking in milk for a late night snack is not advisable.


4) Sanrio Hello Kitty Double Ice Cream Ball Chain (Strawberry and Vanilla topped Strawberry)

Is the bow-on-the-top not a giveaway? This HELLO KITTY cone flavor-combo embellishes any phone and color-coordinates with any apparel, making you the envy of friends, family, and… well… me, of course! I want one too! (My birthday date, contact information, etc., can be found at the end of this blog :)


And there you have a taste of some of our newest selections. These are limited stock items for now – that is, until we see how they do… and you know what that means: leave feedback, comments, even more comments, and, of course, your recommendations! May I take your order please?  (✿◡‿◡ฺ)