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Ever wondered a strange creature moving inside your house? A creature that can move into all kinds of gadget equipped with a USB port. Products like books, bed and other household stuffs look really interesting with this product. This Chameleon USB gadget will do all the crazy stuffs you have ever imagined a Chameleon to do. Hamee has 3 varieties at the moment with some heavy sale on this product.

This product has the following feature-

Blinks eyes, Sticks out the Long Tongue on your PC, Nintendo Wii, MS Xbox, SONY PS3 or any device having USB Port!

Glitzy chameleon moving eyes and flickering out tongue beside your PC!

Have a well-tamed Chameleon Geek Friend for your PC or Your Favorite Machine. USB Chameleon moves eyes and flickers tongue out, surprisingly realistic action just for you!

Please find your chameleon’s favorite position before plugging USB adaptor in USB port or he prefers near the USB port.

Hamee Strapya World ships all items directly from Japan


Chameleon USB pet

Chameleon USB pet

It becomes very boring if we are working in front of the computer and our PC every time. From day until night and even we need to do some overtime job. If you are always working in front of your computer, now you can add more color in your day by adding Chameleon USB that make your day more colorful than before. This is kind of pet that you can have in your computer. This is not a virtual pet because you can see it and you can touch it.

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Check out the Chameleon USB Gadget Video here